A fresh new Klout experience on Windows 8.

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Supports both Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT

All the Data You Need

Check your Klout score, trends, who you influence, your topics, and more in a single, unified view.

Built for Windows 8

Full support for new Windows 8 features like
snap-view, live tiles, and universal search.

Delve Deeper

With a single tap, explore not only your own social influence, but that of your influencers, and theirs.

Fast, Fluid, & Immersive

Use the new Windows 8 design style to understand your social influence in a quicker, cleaner way.

Instant Access

Need even more data? Jump straight to the Twitter or Klout profiles of any influencer from the app bar.

It's Free!

Simply download 100K to your device from the Windows 8 store and see it for yourself.